Sunday, July 6, 2014

Init - Hello packet

Welcome to "NetGlutton"! - A weblog to share my thoughts and learning around Internet working Technologies.
The Internet is the unprecedented gateway to any information you seek. I intend to make my contribution through this blog. You will not only find my take on a topic but also various other collected references.

I yet to make my mark with contributions, hence holding this post with INIT state, I cannot recognize peer Hello packet (Reader interest), I yet to start my Hellos too :-)

I will cover following topic in this web blog,
  1. Data Center Networking Trends - SDN, NFV, Open Flow, Overlay Technologies, Chef, Puppet, vSwitch/vRouter, ACI
  2. Mobile communication Trends - WiFi (802.11 a/b/c/n), WiMAX (802.16 d/e), LTE, LTE Advanced, Wireless Spectrum
  3. Internet of Things - Home Automation, Home Security, Video Surveillance,  Intelligent devices
  4. Internet technologies trends - Internet Usage, Storage, optimization
  5. Mobile Applications

Information is wealth, Shared information is wise. I chose to be a wise man than wealthier.

Closing my Init post with a quote,

  Taking information from Internet is like taking a drink from fire hydrant.
        - Mitchell kapor

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