Transformation velocity in our world is really high, thanks to Technology innovations. Internetworking technologies is one of the leading catalyst to this high rate transformation. Thinking bulb inside me lights up every now and then with questions prefixed with How, When and Why many. In this Internet-working innovation voyage as someone in driver seat, I intend to cover my insights with my own words. After all sharing separates us from animals.

Brief profile about me,

Engineer, IP networking specialist with decade of experience in various connectivity technologies particularly in Wireless and DataCenter networking. 5 years in Indian  ISP (Internet Service Provider) Sify Technologies, 2 Years with Brocade Data Center Switching/Routing 7 years in Cisco Systems Inc Data Center Switching/Routing [Nexus 2000/3000/9000, previously Nexus 5000/6000] and currently in Apstra Inc.

I have done early field trials and deployment designs for,

  1. Proprietary/Standard wireless technology products (Axxcelera, Proxim, Airspan, SmartBridges etc)
  2. Fixed WiMax 802.16d (Redline communications, Aperto Networks, Axxcelera and Proxim) 
  3. Mobile WiMax 802.16e (Navini Networks, Proxim) products

I've carried out devtest/solution design contributions to many Data Center switching/Routing products. Name a few,

  1. Brocade Ethernet Fabric products : VDX
  2. Cisco Nexus 5010/5020, Nexus 55xx and Nexus 60xx
  3. Cisco Nexus 2xxx
  4. Cisco Nexus 3000 series and 3548
  5. Cisco Nexus 9000 

I live in Silicon Valley. I play in BayArea cricket league CRICBAY. I love Football (soccer), I follow Manchester United.

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