Saturday, June 16, 2018

Why Networking Industry is very relevant to stay in current Technology Transformation

Happy to start my writing after Fathers day week end. My 3yr old presented me with a beautiful type-writer show piece, His message says Dad get back to your writing and share your you learning. Inspiration has no boundary and limit, This passage marks a new beginning in my writing. I often get this question "How to become a successful Networking Test Engineer ?", I will try to answer this questions with my living experience as Networking Test Engineer.

Rather than giving bullet points and cheat sheet style advice, I prefer intuitive self motivated career grown, Hope you have the motivation and patience to travel this with me. Lets begin our conversation with the question WHY?

Step#1 Why Networking Industry and Why Now?

You cannot deny the fact "Internet is everything". Computer networking made it possible to connect all of us. Number of connected devices are going up in an unimaginable level. As a history goes a 231 node comprised ARAPNET in 1981 become billions of connected devices, one single family has more than 4 connected devices. That is the power of connectivity technologies. I feel proud to contribute to this technology transformation, as I see we have lot more problems to solve and innovate. IMO, Networking industry played a critical roles in current innovation era. If you are looking to find a best domain to start your career Networking Industry is the best Industry and Now is the best time.

Why Now, Let me highlight few points from Cisco Visual Networking Index data,

Almost half a billion (429 million) mobile devices and connections were added in 2016
Mobile network connection speeds will increase threefold by 2021
More than three-fourths of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video by 2021

Data service changed from an optional expensive add-on to default service to every services. The data we generate, share and store is multifold. Networking as a core technology which includes Connectivity technologies like 2/3/4G LTE and upcoming 5G, WiFi/WiMax, High-Frequency radios and Fiber optics operate with different principle. These technologies created product vendors (One who makes a product based on a given Technology), Service Providers (One who deploys the product to offer a service and consumers. A product suppose to function with an agreed methods called protocols so that a base-station/Service-provider installed products can talk to a consumer devices.

Given the multifold nature of the industry available opportunities are enormous. There is a space for every one.Having a right skill will get you the right place with good rewards. Learning the required is important