Friday, August 15, 2014

Wireless Networking challenges

I must say Data (Voice+packet) that can be carried per Hz (Unit for Frequency) rapidly gone up in this decade. Thanks to intelligent brains in finding better results in Signal processing and Mobile communication. I am sure we will witness much faster mobile communication and intelligent nodes (Your AC, Smoke detectors, Window, lighting etc) in coming days. Wireless networking is definitely a happening field in networking sector. Wireless radios have matured from  proprietary technologies to heavily into standard based solution in a very short span of time.

Primary challenges in front of wireless networking startups,

Improve SNR - Signal to Noise ration

  1. Increase Signal penetration (Gigantic Base Station to Pico cells). LOS (Line of Sight) performance in Non-LOS conditions is the goal.
  2. Intelligence to Antenna (Reducing transmission loss, noise cancellation and coverage improvement)
  3. Beat Shannon's law

From service providers point of view:

  1. Mobility - Signal handoff, LTE advanced and WiMax advanced made a breakthrough here.
  2. Wireless device management - Software Defined radio
  3. Monitoring - Intelligent Load sharing
There may be numerous other challenges but above list offers a simple baseline.

Interesting part of this post is to cover wireless networking startups but wait for my next post to know about Kum networks, DIDO

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